Intellisense index rebuild error in existing project on mac

PIO Core: 4.3.4
PIO Home: 3.2.3
VS Code: V1.46

I have been working on the PlatformIO project for a while now and since yesterday I have this problem in my VS Code PIO Extension intellisense index rebuild error. Due to this error I am not able to even compile the project or do anything. Basically PIO is unresponsive. Not sure what caused it, i don’t think anything changed in the project, we are few developers collaborating in this project from windows and MACs.

From other related threads, one of the solution is to delete .platformio folder from /User folder. This dint help either. Can anyone help me resolve this issue.Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 4.10.52 PM

Thanks in advance

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This issue was fixed after i uninstalled PlatformIO, removed /User/.platformio and deleted VS from the my Mac using this tool: AppCleaner