Intellisence Color Highlighter not working correct

Hi All,

I have a funny issue, it is more of an irritation than and issue. my code compiles and works but the intellisence that highlights the code / variables makes it all white as apposed to like it did.

It seems like it more of the variables and not so much the functions, I cannot see any upgrades that might have caused this and also cant find a related post of this nature.

Please advise if anyone has seen and repaired this before?

Kind Regards,



  1. Are you able to upload the project for reproduction?
  2. Have you rebuilt the IntelliSense? (docs)
  3. Have you made sure to use .cpp files instead of .ino files so that Intellisense is fully supported? (with eventual conversion)

Hi Maxgerhardt,

Please see the responses below,

  1. This is a project created from scratch in VSCode / PlatformIO it was not imported.
  2. Yes I have rebuild the intellisense BD,
  3. Yes they are .CPP

I have attached another screen print to explain,


As you can see at the top I have two arrays in the strcpy function they appear white, then the lie below I set a single char in that array to ‘B’ but the color of the variable is fine light blue as it was since I installed the application.

further down another sample, Adress[12] appears fine but the next variable indx1 is white again.

I am not sure why this is happening, I have reinstalled PlatformIO and the C++ extension it had installed, I even reinstalled VSCODE but no luck.

Hope I can get it resolved,