Intellij Idea integration and debugging

Maybe you could add smth to this tutorial- Just another dev blog: How to use IntelliJ IDEA to develop and upload software for micro controllers like Arduino ?
I was able to create a new project in IDEA, and i can run platformio in it’s terminal. But no highlighting, auto-completion, or anything. By the way, is debugging working in IDEA? If yes, that is just a miracle…
And i would love to make it work in my IDEA too) Please help if you can. Thank you!

How about PlatformIO for CLion?

Do you mean it can be all done in IDEA too?
Or i should use CLion? I do not have one, and it costs too much…

IDEA is Java IDE. It doesn’t understand GCC toolchains. In this case you will not have autocompletion and linting support here :frowning:

We don’t force you to use CLion IDE. I thought that if you have an IDEA license then you can use any their IDEs.

Thank you, than no IDEA for sure.