Integrated SPI Flash and PSRAM size of ESP32-WROER-E module

The esp-wrover-kit board has an esp32-wrover-e module and an integrated SPI flash and PSRAM within the module. According to the datasheet, their size varies depending on the ordering code.
But I don’t know the ordering code of esp32-wrover-e module, so I don’t know the exact size of Flash and PSRAM.
Could you tell me the size of the built-in SPI flash and PSRAM of the esp32-wrover-e module in the esp-wrover-kit?
And can I get SPI Flash and PSRAM size information from the PlatformIO esp32 arduino framework?

from product listing for the ESP-WROVER-KIT v4.1.

You can always ask to give you the flash size, and you can detect the size of the PSRAM via SPI tool, there are built-in functions for it.

#include <Arduino.h>

void setup() {
  log_d("Total heap: %d", ESP.getHeapSize());
  log_d("Free heap: %d", ESP.getFreeHeap());
  log_d("Total PSRAM: %d", ESP.getPsramSize());
  log_d("Free PSRAM: %d", ESP.getFreePsram());

void loop() {}

See here.

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