Installing project platformio-core CLI

Im trying to install this prjoject from here:

Im new to arduino and platformIO, I think i have followed the steps. Im getting this error when im pasting “pio pkg install --library “stargate01/ykhmac”” innto the “platformIO core CLI”,

“Resolving uno dependencies…
Library Manager: Installing stargate01/ykhmac @ ^0.0.1
UnknownPackageError: Could not find the package with ‘stargate01/ykhmac @ ^0.0.1’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’”

and under problem it says
main.cpp "
“message”: “unused variable ‘result’ [-Wunused-variable]”,

cant upload more pictures because of new user restrictions, i can take more pictures

Hello and welcome to PlatformIO. Can you please post the whole error message along with the class or file (apparently main.cpp?) and code it refers to?

Usually “unused variable” is just a warning and while you shouldn’t introduce variables you don’t use, they shouldn’t make or break a build.

Also I assume that if it’s in main.cpp, it’s the main entry point for your application and not from a library or something.

There is no such version listed. All of these versions seem very broken and non-semver formaty. I think what you want is to just download the project (recursively) and copy all library folders into your project at the same place.

I did this, but the folders seems to be empty. However if I go to “D:\platform Io\hmac.pio\libdeps\myenv” the folders are not empty

maybe i can copy content from
D:\platform Io\hmac.pio\libdeps\myenv\cryptosuite2
D:\platform Io\hmac.pio\libdeps\myenv\tiny-AES-c
to the empty folders:
D:\platform Io\hmac\lib\cryptosuite2
D:\platform Io\hmac\lib\tiny-AES-c

to be able to include
#include “ykhmac.h”

#include <sha/sha1.h>

#include <aes.hpp>

D:\platform Io\hmac\lib\ykhmac\src\ykhmac.cpp
D:\platform Io\hmac\lib\ykhmac\include\ykhmac.h

I think i have the project set up correctly now, but im new to arduino and platformio. I cant find where the arduino pins are selected. I have this setup

when you go here and select helpers.cpp, aparently your supposed to be able to just upload helpers.cpp to your arduino and it should work. I see “helpers.cpp” includes “helpers.h” and “helpers.h” includes “ykhmac.h” and “ykhmac.h” includes “aes.h”, so technically I do not need the cryptosuite2 library where the “sha1.h” and “config.h” is located? Either way, non of these contain any selection of arduino pins? but the nfc reader pn532, i think it is called, is supposed to use the spi port, maybe it finds it on its own if it is connected to the spi port? what about the sda, scl, rsto and iro on the same nfc reader pn532?


I guess this is where the pins are set, in the adafrute_pn532, the 0 seems to be manipulated, portmanipulated for better efficiency?

Pin one is also used, but i cant see where this pin is set, but it is clearly connected to the RSTO on the pn532 nfc reader.

Sorry, but without knowing the code (or preferably: having written the code myself), I have no idea where to look for the pin IDs / pins.

What you showed, looks like the default constants for pins, but I’d try reading the docs for the libraries and the project, that you use. I’d guess, that the actual pins are either set on setup or before that (in a constructor or something).

I know this is tedious, but sometimes you either resort to trying it out yourself or to reading and looking for e.g. issues or information on GitHub and/or here etc. and trying to figure out what is what.