Installing Librarys to specific Project does- nothing

Hey there…
I just had to reinstall my Machine. Fresh installed VSCode+PIO. I usually insall librarys “per Project” just to have them sorted.

Right now if I try to install any library not globally but into a project, the green checkmark appears, saying installation complete, but when I look up the specific folder (.pio/libdeps) just the folder for the platform was created. No subfolders with library names, no files and the compiler is not able to find the library.

Installation to the global Library storage works fine.

My projects are on a seperate drive, wich I checked for Windows acces rights and all rights should be granted (Problem occurs too when I’m launching VSCode in Admin mode).

I’m running PIO 3.0.1 with PIO-Core 4.1.0 on VSCode, Python should be on Version 3.8.1(x64)(PIO buildin command line says so), OS is Win10.

Anyone any suggestions?

Thx in advance,

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I think this is an actual bug… :bug:

I encountered this behaviour a little while ago, but though it was just me not doing it right, or a glitch in PIO Home as I’m on the beta / dev version.

Anyway, on PIO Home 3.1.0-rc.2 / Core 4.1.1b9 I can reproduce this… doing an ‘Install to…’ and picking a project gives all appearences that the library is installed, but it isn’t and PIO Home appears to remember it was installed, as a retry says that it’s already installed. I picked a random library, Timer, since it had been recently updated.

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Thx for your reply,

kinda glad someone else can reproduce this too…

than I guess it’s worth opening a bug-report…

This is a known bug and was fixed in the latest PIO Core 4.2.2-dev. See further details

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