Install stops on "Project Examples"

Hi there,

I’m trying to install PlatformIO, but on two different WIn10 Machines (one of them completely new out of the box) Install stops with the Window “PlatformIO IDE: Installing - Please be patient and let the installation complete.” on downloading Project Examples and I can’t do anything in Atom at all.
Atom Install is from today as well.
Since it was running for hours in the background now and I didn’t find anything about the issue I finally post it here…

Restarting Atom won’t help either.

Funny, you should post this issue. I had the same problem five minutes back. Except this was on a MacOS fresh install.

I just removed the .platformio and .atom folders and restarted the IDE and reinstalled the platformio-ide package.
It took some time but successfully completed the installation.

Maybe you can try the same. :slight_smile:

Developers behind node-tar package decided to change API in PATCH version :open_mouth:

As result, they broke a lot of packages that depend on node-tar. We have made quick release today and reverted back to previous stable version. You need to upgrade PlatformIO IDE to 2.0.0-alpha.8.

The simple way, just navigate to USER_HOME_DIR/.atom/packages and remove platformio-ide folder. After that, start Atom, navigate to Settings > Install and install platformio-ide again.

Perfect, works fine now :slight_smile: