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Install platformio in different folder on Linux

I’m creating a jenkins docker image that contains platformio intallation. By default the installation is run as user jenkins and this will install platformio in /var/jenkins_home/.platformio.

But when running a jenkins container the /var/jenkins_home folder is usually bound to an external volume which will of course hide the original folder in the image.

Is it possible to have install platformio in a configurable folder?

@ivankravets I think you should have a look at that question

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You need

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So do I understand correctly that you first set PLATFORM_CORE_DIR env variable and then call python ?

I tried it but it doesn’t work, its still installed in /var/jenkins_home


I’m also interesting to specify install directory but on Windows10.
Especially because i’m using esp-idf which doesn’t accept spaces in build names.
I have a space in my windows user directory and cannot change it as i’m not an administrator.
I have also tried the core dir option in my platformio.ini file of the corresponding project but pio is still launch from “c:\users<username with space>.platformio\penv\scripts\python.exe”

I tried to manually move the whole directory in an another place and then change my PATH settings to point on the new folder but the command line python check core doesn’t detect anymore platformio.

It seems that the install folder cannot be changed.

Nobody that can shed some light on this?

I guess you’ve found a solution by now, but for others surfing here:

After setting PLATFORMIO_CORE_DIR the install goes into the correct directory for me (on Ubuntu 22.04, for example):

python3 -c "$(wget -O -"
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