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Install PlatformIO Core without PIP

My computer blocks the access to PyPi. So, the only way to install python packages is to download and install them manually. This would be about 30 dependencies, which must match the right version.

Is there a way to install PlatformIO (in VS-Code preferred) without PIP?

Is there anything here, in the installation docs, that helps get around the pip problem?


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Unfortunately not, I had to bypass the proxy to get pip to run - which is not optimal.
Is ther any kind of offline installer, because the download of the platform (e.g. atmelavr) is blocked too. [And doesn’t run with pio]
Or is there any documentation how to implement a platform from github manually?

This may help, but I suspect that you might suffer similar problems getting the required frameworks.

I’m wondering if you are at work/college and are prevented from downloading for security reasons? If so, you really shouldn’t be trying to get around the security.

If you need PlatformIO for work/college then request access via your administrator and do it legally.

If it’s something else, let us know.


Sadly, the portable version doesn’t come with preinstalled boards.

Same problem as without the portable version.

Platform Manager: Installing atmelavr @ ~3.4
Error: You are not connected to the Internet.
PlatformIO needs the Internet connection to download dependent packages or to work with PlatformIO Account.

Is there any way to download and include them manually?

That’s the “problem” with PlatformIO, you only get the toolchains etc when you create a new project that needs them.

I’m afraid that I don’t know of a way in which you can get hold of everything you need manually. Sorry. :cry: There have been numerous requests to have some offline method of using PlatformIo, but unfortunately, when it comes to installing, it seems that an internet connection, or at least, one that is not blocked, is necessary.

I have not tried this, but, maybe at home, or on an unrestricted computer with internet access:

  • Install, from scratch, the PlatfromIo VSCode extension.
  • Create projects for each framework and platform you wish to develop for. You may need to add the libraries you will need in future too!
  • Compile said projects.

That should get you the various frameworks and tools that are required.

Extract to a thumb drive, the $HOME/.platformio folder and all that’s in it. You will need a Python 3.x installation on the destination PCs as well.

Copy the stuff to the destination PCs, set paths as necessary and see what happens?

Sorry, I can’t be more specific, not do I know if it will work. :cry:.


A few things to note.
Is this a work or school computer? In both cases, go to your IT department and ask them nicely if they want to unblock all the things you need.
If they say no, ask them why and go to your boss or teacher and tell them you can’t do your work/assignment due to IT policy.

If you want to force a solution, (only recommended at school) try to install virtualbox, load in a fresh win 10 install and you are done.

If the problem is the proxy server or the firewall settings, then I’m afraid VirtualBox won’t help get around those I’m afraid. :frowning_face: