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Install new library from github

I using Platform IO via VS code to developing for ESP32.

There is library in GITHUB that I want to install and include into my project ,but this library didn’t exist in PlatformIO registry.
Hiw can I please install and add to my project?
Thank you!

Yo can do something like this. Edit platformio.ini and add:

lib_deps =

To get the link, go to and find the library you want to use. Then click the green “code” button. When it drops down, click on the HTTPS link, and click the “clipboard” button. This will copy the repository address.

Back in platformio.ini, just paste it where you want it. Hopefully, the library structure on GitHub will be able to be used by PlatformIO.



How does library in GITHUB can adjust to Platform IO structure?

If you have a look at the structure of the one I’ve used above as an example. That one works fine.

It’s basically an interrupt driven replacement for millis() and such like for AVR code that isn’t using the Arduino Framework, but would like to have something like millis() available. It’s part of a stalled project I’m working on.