.ino to .c++ issue

totally new on platformIO

AM GETTING these errors while building arduino files although it builds fine . :unamused:

Probably because you placed the library filed under “includes” folder in the SRC folder.

Move the files under SRC > includes to lib root folder. Platformio is a hackable ide. Not a direct replacement for arduino. :stuck_out_tongue:

i kinda did figure it out ,but am not sure if its the right way.:slight_smile:

*those are my custom headers inside include folder i did that to split up the entire program. :grin:
*i am not sure if its the right way to have variables inside a header and later add it to the main file. :confused:
*after adding an include guard it seemed to be working as expected. :neutral_face:

Again - i renamed the .ino files to .cpp …multiple definition error while building .:expressionless:

Simply move all the files under “inoglow > src > includes” to " inoglow > includes" and compile.


#include “allinc.h” will work.
You don’t have to explicitly specify the includes folder. Pio searches by default in that location.

something is still not right

error list

Try adding a #pragma once to every .h file. It’s the non-standard version of the include guard, but as a quick test, it’s easier to add without making a copy-and-paste error