Incorrect Publish date on library


I have been maintaining a library on PlatformIO for about 5 years and publishing regular updates and fixes. I notice in the release summary it says the package was published 7 days ago (my last release):

Is there any way to fix this or is it a consequence of using pkg update? It looks like my library has only just been released (and users would suspect full of issues).



Every library version has their corresponding publish date listed (versions)

The original publish date of “a year ago” is preserved.

All library versions are shown this way, e.g. the most popular ArduinoJson library.

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Thanks for your reply, so if I’m checking libraries to use, I can see it has a long history and hasn’t just appeared?

One anomaly I noticed though:

If I search for Web3e there’s two identical entries

Hmm one may be crawled automatically by PlatformIO from the e.g. Arduino library manager and one may be self publish? CC @ivankravets knows more.

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The library was automatically added in Feb 2022 under alphawallet owner name. Later, you published duplicated library with the same name but from your account. We remove duplicated library and set you as an owner for PlatformIO Registry

This package pulls new versions automatically (legacy mode). If you want to manually manage package versions, just use pio pkg publish --owner alphawallet path/to/lib. Once you run this command, the legacy mode will be disabled forever and you will always need to publish new versions in the future.

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