Incoming 0.27 Microsoft C/C++ extension update

Here’s hoping that the update to the Microsoft C/C++ extension, which is scheduled to land on Monday (30th of March) will fix a lot of the intellisense and multi-work space issues faced by VSCode and PlatformIO users! It certainly seems like the Insiders version is working quite nicely! :smiley: :smiley:


Do you use it? Do we have problems with the latest build of 0.27.0?

I gave the 0.27.0-insiders5 version a spin on the Insiders version of VSCode with Windows 10 and wasn’t able to reproduce any of the normal multi-root workspace IntelliSense issues… so that would be a big NO from me so far. It doesn’t look like 0.27.0 has dropped yet, maybe tomorrow? Be nice to see the end of some of the red squiggle threads! :wink: :laughing:

Update: 0.27.0 now live, and I was able to open up a workspace with AVR and ESP8266 projects in it on my Linux environment, with not a single intellisense error or out of place red squiggle… looks like it’s working a charm!

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Let’s see feedback from our Community. I hope there are no news bugs with hits update :slight_smile:

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