#include <ThingerESP32.h> cannot be included due to compilation terminated of #include <WiFiClientSecure.h>

In my project, I would like to add Thinger feature to show my data readings in Thinger platform. Therefore, I follow the instructions and steps from the Thinger official website documentation which it mentioned that I have to add #include <ThingerESP32.h> library in my main code. Then, I added the library github link into pltformio.ini, copy and paste the link and update the project.

However, it keeps showing compilation terminated due to the #include <WiFIClientSecure.h>. To solve this, I have tried to add the Wificlientsecure.h library github aswell into the platformio.ini, but still has the error.

Can anyone guide me on this, I am not sure what is wrong with my works…

What’s the content of your platformio.ini?

It looks like you are trying to include a library written for the ESP32 architecture in a project for an ATmega.


This is my platformio.ini.

Unfortunately, this will not work.

You are using an Arduino ATmega328.
You cannot simply include the entire Espressif ESP32 Arduino Framework as a library.

I think you have misunderstood something in the instructions you are referring to.

My project planning is, I use Arduino Nano CH340 board, and integrate ESP01 Wifi Module, so in the Devices, link DEVICES - Thinger.io Documentation, which one should I refer?? Arduino Ethernet or Arduino WiFi?? and which board in the Arduino Ethernet or Arduino WiFi should I refer?

The use of an Arduino Nano + ESP01 would correspond to ARDUINO WIFI - Thinger.io Documentation

Personally, I wouldn’t split it into two parts. The ESP is much more powerful than the ATmega328.

I would prefer an all-in-one solution and therefore recommend using an ESP32, which is equivalent to this: ESPRESSIF ESP32 - Thinger.io Documentation

Understand, yes, now I changed to ESP32 board, all in one work. Thanks a lot.