Include library in main.cpp

PlatformIO has been working well for me for a few years now.
The library manager makes it a brezze to include libraries to projects which then live in the .pio/libdeps folder.

I have downloaded the MavLink v2 library via the library manager.

PIO included this in the platfomio.ini:

platform = atmelavr
board = megaatmega2560
framework = arduino
lib_deps = 
    duracopter/MAVLink v2 C library@^2.0

Looks good… however I cannot get my main.cpp compiled.

E.g., this will not work:

#include <mavlink.h>

… which I sort of understand, as there are multiple directories in the library folder, like so:

Each of these folders contains a 'mavlink.h` file.

I have played with the path, by removing one directory level after the other; to no avail.

How do I include the ardupilot/mavlink.h in my main.cpp?

Huh, removing the angle brackets resilved the issue:
This works:

#include "/home/maxg/Documents/PlatformIO/Projects/MavLink_Test1/.pio/libdeps/megaatmega2560/MAVLink v2 C library/ardupilotmega/mavlink.h"

So does this:

#include "../.pio/libdeps/megaatmega2560/MAVLink v2 C library/ardupilotmega/mavlink.h"