Include errors with Open_SAE_J1939 library

Hello, friends. I want to use Open_SAE_J1939 library to build simple communication device for J1939 (using Atmega2560 and CAN Bus shield v2.0 from Seed Studio). Original project, which was an use example of this library is for stm32, but author says, that code is c89 standard, there is also options in Hardware headers to choose your own micro and write some specific functions for it. During import of library, I’m getting 2 errors:

#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. Squiggles are disabled for this translation unit (G:\My Drive\Devops\J1939\J1939_Mega\src\main.cpp).C/C++(1696)

cannot open source file “cstdint” (dependency of “Open_SAE_J1939.h”). Please run the ‘Select IntelliSense Configuration…’ command to locate your system headers.C/C++(1696)

Sorry if this is dumb question, but can anyone help to understand what is going on? Was looking for solution in many possible ways, but still nothing.

Here is a ling for a code:

With what platformio.ini is that happening? Crappy toolchains might not ship the cstdint header, which is just the “C++” version of doing #include <stdint.h>, the standard C header.

For now, I’m thinking that issue can be caused due to specifics of this code: library is written in pure C, and the library PlatformIO is looking is for C++.
PlatformIO version * Core 6.1.15 * Home 3.4.4. If you need some specific information, please tell me exactly which one. Sorry, I’m beginner