#include "Confusion.h"

Can someone please help me understand how these files are included in in platformIO?

I am trying to move over a pretty large project from a different IDE and the errors are getting me a little discouraged.

Here is what I am trying to understand:

I have commented out the //#include “…/lib/ChRt/src/ChRt.h” file. When I compile the project, PIO still compiles that file.

When I delete the file from my “lib” directory, the compiler still tries to compile that file.

I am used to telling my compilers what files to include, in the order that I want them included. I guess I don’t really understand what is going on under the hood… Is there a document that would help me understand the include process a little better?

Thanks for reading!

#include “Arduino.h”`
//#include “…/lib/ChRt/src/ChRt.h”
#include “…/lib/sx1509/SX1509.h”
#include “…/lib/SdFat/src/SdFat.h”
//#include “…/lib/Adafruit_GFX/Adafruit_GFX.h”
//#include “…/lib/Adafruit_PCD8544/Adafruit_PCD8544.h”

void setup() {
SX1509 expander1;


void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
//Serial.println(“Shouldn’t be here”);

Sounds like you’re butting heads with the Library Dependency Finder functionality of PIOs library manager and one of these includes is still depending on ChRt.h … you can try setting lib_ldf_mode to off and see if that gives you the behavior you’re expecting…