Improving the communications between PLATFORMIO and BLUES WIRELESS teams

I am following the section Configure your IDE to use the Blues Wireless Swan from Blues Wireless online documentation. Got stuck at section Configure your Notecard where item 4 suggests

Create a new sketch and select the Sketch > Include Library > Contributed Libraries > Blues Wireless Notecard menu option.

I could not find any information on how to create a new sketch using the current IDE problem caused by changes in the VSCode-based PLATFORMIO IDE.

Given the significance of Blues and the PLATFORMIO IDE, it would be great to ensure proper signaling between the two teams.

You just need to add this library to your project. See the “Installation” tab:

Oh, this was a premature question - I found this same data a lot earlier in my day, before seeing your response. Thanks for being so supportive :grinning:

A better question is how to choose compatible software and hardware “parts”; since the PlatformIO IDE — PlatformIO latest documentation, covers a vast collection of these “parts”, it seems most advantageous to discuss such issues in your (PlatformUI) community forums.

I hope that such a discussion strategy is OK with PlatformIO team?