Impossible to get espressif32 @ 4.4.1

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build a specific example of the Luos_engine lib:

This project is compiled on every OS on GitHub actions without any issue, but in my config (mac M1), Platformio downloads espressif32 @ 4.4.0 instead of 4.4.1, which creates a compilation issue on this example.

I tried to force the espressif32 package version using platform = espressif32@4.4.1, but I got:

Platform Manager: Installing espressif32 @ 4.4.1
Error: Could not find the package with 'espressif32 @ 4.4.1' requirements for your system 'darwin_x86_64'

Why is it not working on my computer?

But according to Releases · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub there never was a 4.4.1, only a 4.4.0 followed by 5.0.0. Same for the tags (Tags · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub). Really strange how PIO wants to download that.

Per CI (add exemple at workflow · Luos-io/luos_engine@3e9b619 · GitHub) it downloads the latest 5.1.0 release. Does platform = espressif32@5.1.0 work?

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You are right @maxgerhardt,
4.4.1 is the revision of esp-idf not espressif32.
Installing espressif32@5.1.0 works then esp-idf 4.4.1 was downloaded, and the example compile.
Thank you,