Importing a #include file from Arduino to PlatformIO

Hello There,

I am new to PatformIO and I am looking for some guidance. First, I have a #include file in a project working under Arduino IDE, and I want to bring that file to my own project in PlatformIO. Can anyone point me to a document or to a previous post where this has been discussed/resolved?

Second, I am using an Arduino board that does not show under “New Project / Project Wizard” form in PlatformIO. How can I add the board, without using the sneaky way of “match to an already existing one…” . I am using an “ArduCam IoTAi ESP32 Cam”

All suggestions are welcome, and of curse happy to answer any questions


Morning @colombian1976,

A topic? not off hand, sorry. However, #include "your-file.h" will search the include, src and lib folders for header files.

Maybe this helps? Custom Embedded Boards — PlatformIO latest documentation.