Import esp-link project into PlatformIO


Esp-Link by jeelabs is pretty cool project which provide WiFi access to UART port of ESP8266.
I want to make some changes in it, adding screen, second port, etc.

MS Visual studioo seems to be outdated these days, and PlatformIO became one of leading dev-IDEs, based of MS VisualCode.

I tried to use “Import Arduino project”, “Open project” for cloned esp-link. This didn’t work.
I tried to open new project and copy esp-link files and folders manually into it. PIO couldn’t accept this approach too.

Please, advise a method of importing MS VisualStudio (sln) project into PlatformIO.

This is a custom project made on the make build system, see the Makefile. It isn’t an Arduino project to begin with. The SDK bundle used has the name “Windows Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP8266” and comes in the form a 150MB EXE file from a russian website. Looking at a code file (esp-link/task.c at master · jeelabs/esp-link · GitHub) it seems to be using the Espressif Non-OS SDK though (doc, search os_task_t, not present in RTOS SDK which uses FreeRTOS).

I woudn’t use PIO for this. It has a complicated make based build-system with quite a few hacky commands (such as this one). I’d just download the project and SDK file and use either the VisualStudio project or Eclipse with all the imported include paths to edit the code.