Implicit dependency not found ".../platforms/atmelsam/builder/;'

Has anybody run into this error message?

*** [.pioenvs/adafruit_feather_m0_usb/firmware.elf] Implicit dependency ~/.platformio/platforms/atmelsam/builder/;' not found, needed by target.pioenvs/adafruit_feather_m0_usb/firmware.elf’.

Needless to say, the directory `~/.platformio/platforms/atmelsam/builder/’ exists. Not sure that that ‘;’ at the end is about. Is this a faulty construction of dependency graph?

I tried all the different ldf modes - no luck.

I’ve been trying to roll back my project to a point where it builds without generating that error and I’m not getting anywhere. Posting here in case it’s a known issue.


  • Frank

You’re up-to-date!
PlatformIO 3.5.0a16 is currently the newest version available.

Doh! I’ve been bitten by this before. I should know better.

You cannot comment out build flags with semicolons beyond the first column.

This yields a linker command looking for ‘;’ as a dependency.

build_flags =
  ; -std=gnu99

you have to write it as this, even if it offends your indentation sensibilities:

build_flags =
; -std=gnu99

We work on a new parser for project configuration file. I think would be good to add a support for “tabbed” comment.

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Thanks, Ivan. I would appreciate that because I’ve done this to myself more than once.