Im confused on how to get a specific library to platformIO

So im trying to use this DHT11 libary: GitHub - dhrubasaha08/DHT11: DHT11 Arduino Library: A simple and efficient library for reading temperature and humidity data from the DHT11 sensor without dependencies.

That worked well and that I found in the arduino IDE. I cannot find this when searching in platformIO.

I would greatly appreciate the help, I dont want to rewrite this with a different library.

Looks like this library is not registered to PlatformIO’s registry.

But you can use the library by adding it to lib_deps in your platformio.ini:

lib_deps =

Fortunately, the repository has valid semantic versioning tags

This allows you to specify the exact version you want to use:

lib_deps = @ ^2.1.0

oh, thats way easier than I thought haha. I dont need to do anything else?

Except from including and using the library? :wink: