ILI9341 TFT Display and Fonts

I am using the ILI9341 display with Bodmers TFT_eSPI library and a ESP32.

Everything is working fine, but I want to use Font Sizes larger than the 24 point
fonts in the Fonts/GFXFF folder.
In the Fonts/TrueType Folder there are a number of fonts larger than 24 points (Font64rle.c/Font64rlt.h) etc. but there is also a file in that folder saying “Not yet supported”. Thats a bit confusing. Can i use them and if so, how ??

I have also created a font using the font creator for the ili9341, but where do i put them, and how do i access them in my sketch ??

This question seems very library specific. What did the author of the library say when you asked him through Issues · Bodmer/TFT_eSPI · GitHub?

Hello again Max.
Thank you for a fast reply …

I was not aware of that link, so now I have posted the same question to him & i’m hoping for a fast reply…