IDE Serial monitor panel

Hi All:

I normally use two serial monitors, on two ESP32 serial ports.
Today, after changing workspace, I tried to do it but got this message:
“No serial monitors are available to start monitoring a port. Only 3 can be opened at one time.”
and shows only one serial monitor.

What have done wrong?
Any help will be well come.

Joaquim Silva

I’m not familiar with this issue specifically however I wonder if a full OS restart would fix your issue?

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As a side note, I have very good experience with a third party serial terminal program called Cool Term (free), and I use it instead of the Platformio monitor. It’s available on Mac and Windows and is actively supported.


I have been looking for a good serial terminal. Was considering IO Ninja but I couldn’t even demo it without dishing out $35. CoolTerm looks quite good compared to what I’ve been using. Thanks!

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The support forum is here. The developer is very responsible.