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IDE for "VSCode + PlatformIO", one installment package, no extension

The following IDE is needed:

  1. Combine VSCode and PlatformIO.
  2. One installment package (*.exe or *.deb etc): after the installment, the IDE works with features of “VSCode + PlatformIO”.
  3. No extension: rather than being an extension of VSCode, PlatformIO is in the installment package.

Since both VSCode and PlatformIO are open source, I guess it is possible to deliver such a new ordinary IDE.

Does anyone have any experience on this ?How to do the modifcations to the source code of VSCode and PlatformIO? Is there any guide or summary?


I hear you. It would be great but, even if it were to be of benefit to Microsoft and therefore possible, it would tie the release schedule of one into the schedule of the other. It would mean the PlatformIO team having to put time and effort into keeping aligned instead of putting their focus into improving their solution. It is not a big effort to install VS Code and then add PlatformIO. It might be a great initiative to make that even easier than it is today?

  1. For individual users, the current structure (PlatformIO as an extension of VSCode) is enough and friendly;
  2. For a small/startup comany who wants to provide his own service to his customers based on PlatformIO (or PlatformIO Core only?), the current structure (PlatformIO as an extension of VSCode) is not friendly.

Yes, alignment of the versions of VSCode and PlatformIO will be of time and efforts consuming. Without the friendly support from PlatformIO, the small/startup comany will has to consider building his own IDE from scratch or VSCode.