IDE for VSCode is a bit slow

i have two issues where the PIO IDE for VS Code is a bit slow. I am working on windows. The project i am working on is on a mapped network drive.
After startup of VS Code and opening the project, i get a notification “Configuring project: Updating metadata for the vscode IDE…”. This stays like this for a long time, i measured over 30 minutes once.
When i start the compilation of a project anyways (e.g. Marlin firmware for 3D printers) the output is like this:

LDF: Library Dependency Finder ->
LDF Modes: Finder ~ chain, Compatibility ~ soft
Found 14 compatible libraries
Scanning dependencies...

It can also take up to 30 minutes for dependency scanning to complete. I had an identical setup on another windows PC (same VScode sync settings, same network drive server) but recently replaced this PC, and now i have these problems.

What could i do to improve the speed of PIO? Is there some kind of progress log for the first issue?

I have the same issue! Did you every solve it?

i was having it 5+min stuck there, the culprit was a few badly declared externs causing a circular dependency.

try adding a library or module at the time and track what is causing this.

I noticed this too and don’t understand why is it even needed? Why searching for compatible libraries, when there is a list of libraries used in the .ini file?

Same code, under windows = 1.5-2min to compile, under docker: 10-12min (most of it stuck under scanning dependencies and reading cmake, i though i had fix it but still happening.