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I2cdev with esp32

So i am trying to use the MPU-6050 with my ESP32, and i found the I2cdev library and that seems to be the best one, but my inicialization takes forever, and i don’t know if i need to connect the interrupt pin, and didn’t found any tutorial with esp32, so can anyone help?

Does the same happen in the Arduino IDE when you use that library?

I didn’t even managed to make it work on Arduino IDE, I mean, I couldn’t install the library, but every connection is right, and with the code I just used the basic, created a new project, implemented the library and then copied an exemple, and I tried with all of the exemples and nome worked

For library specific questsions, best to ask at Issues · jrowberg/i2cdevlib · GitHub with the exact firmware code and wireup I think.

Oh right, I will try sending the message there thanks!