I2C returns error 263(ADS1115)

So I am trying to trying to read the vdd of esp32 as I am new to the ads1115 and want to get my hands warm with it. After adding my library and uploading the code it returns error 263. What does this mean?
Desktop Screenshot 2023.01.25 -

I found this relating to error 263 with an ADS1015 at: https://www.reddit.com/r/esp32/comments/10ku44o/i2c_returns_error_263ads1115/

Decimal 263 error, that corresponds to a 0x107 hex ESP32 error that means timeout. There aren’t any 263 errors in the TI datasheet. My guess is that you either have a bad connection, are incorrectly configuring the I2C setup, or are not sending the correct register addresses.

Make sure you have the correct I2C address by running an I2C scanner with the ADS connected.

Other references on a DuckDuckGo search come back as timeout errors too.