I2C Arduino no data, possible bug

Howdy, this is my first post here so feel free to burn me!

The following code works fine when I upload it using the Arduino IDE but not when I upload it using platformio. It includes Wire.h so maybe there is a version difference between the two there. I am not sure where the Wire.h is coming from in platformio.

In the code is also included the result from I2C Scanner, it returns the same in the Arduino IDE as in platformio so it looks like I2C is working…

My question is; what to investigate regarding the difference between the build from the Arduino IDE and the one from platformio?

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <LM75.h>

LM75 sensor;
//LM75 sensor(LM75_ADDRESS | 0b001);  // if A0->GND, A1->GND and A2->Vcc

// I2C scanner. Scanning ...
// Found address: 72 (0x48)
// Done.
// Found 1 device(s).

void setup() {

void loop() {
  // get temperature from sensor
  Serial.print("Current temp: ");
  Serial.println(" C");

  // Tos Set-point
  sensor.tos(47.5); // set at 47.5'C
  Serial.print("Tos set at ");
  Serial.println(" C");

  // Thyst Set-point
  sensor.thyst(42); // set at 42'C
  Serial.print("Thyst set at ");
  Serial.println(" C");

  // shutdown the sensor and wait a while
  // wake up sensor for next time around


I have removed the Wire lib and copy/pasted it over from the Arduino folders, the result is the same. So platformio does something else with the code than Arduino IDE, this may be a bug?

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