I want to add our plates on the platform

I want to use platformio to develop my company’s customized boards, but I can’t because in the Arduino IDE I add the raw boards and select them via IDE, but I want to do this in platformio, how can I be doing this? I want to stop using it ide ino.

Can you explain this in more detail?

Yes, thanks to reply.

In my company, we create customized boards, platformio asks to add the board I want to work on, but the boards we work on are customized, so I add the raw github of our boards to the settings and download it to the Arduino IDE, but I don’t want to use it anymore the Arduino IDE, but platformio has no way to add our boards, and it also has our libraries to download, we want to add it to platformio, but I don’t know how, I sent a message to support but I didn’t hear back.

Raw github: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FTTechBrasil/CustomBoardsPublic/master/IndexFiles/package_fttech_index.json

Sounds like you’re looking for Custom Platforms & Board documentation.

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Oh, thanks, I’ll look and do it.