I want make walkie talkie using adc mic max4466 and i2s speaker

I want to make a walkie using adc mic max 4466 and an i2s speaker module using two esp32 so when push the button press button so it transfer audio in real time I search alot and also use chat gpt but I got no work and I wanna use websocket tcp protocol can someone help me provide the working code?

I have a few ideas for you, but it will be up to you to search for. First of all, use I2S for the mic and then you can use PWM out a port, filter it, amplify and have a speaker attached to that. The whole idea of using TCP is that you want to convey digital info. The I2S mic will give you a digital data stream that you could pass over the TCP link. Look up g711 and codecs. g711 is the basic voice over IP coding and T1 connections.

i do search and keep locing i bough i2s imnp441 mic but i did get any signal and try to watch video of that project guy was awesome tutorial but got nothing output that why i am asking if someone just quickly provide code