I need to push PIO library part of organization

I am part of an Organization on GitHub and one of our repos is stored there. I have linked my GitHub and PIO accounts. But I don’t have access rights to update our repo from my account. Bit lost to where I can set up the right access

You don’t have rights to update the Github repository content? I.e., git push is rejected?

No when I try to push my path to PIO so when using pio package publish

Error: You do not have permission to publish a package using the ****** account

So I am part of the GitHub org have acces to push and pull that repo, but not sure how I get acces ass that specific owner for pushing to PIO

And you do have use --owner in pio pkg publish with your organization name?

>pio pkg publish --help
Usage: pio pkg publish [OPTIONS] <source directory, tar.gz or zip>

  --owner TEXT                    PIO Account username (can be organization
                                  username). Default is set to a

Could you share links to the libraries in the registry which are parts of your organization?

I am working on this: GitHub - Call-for-Code/ClusterDuck-Protocol: Firmware for an ad-hoc mesh network of Internet-of-Things devices based on LoRa (Long Range radio) that can be deployed quickly and at low cost.

So when using pio pkg publish i do --owner code-and-response

Indeed, you don’t need to publish a new version manually. Just create a new release at Releases · Call-for-Code/ClusterDuck-Protocol · GitHub and the crawler will pick the update automatically.

However, if you want to publish versions manually, we updated the orgname PlatformIO Registry and added you to the owner list.

Please use pio pkg publish --owner call-for-code path/to/lib.

I don’t think the crawler has it picked up in about a year, might be our config files?

I will try with that I think what has happend is the name of the organization has changed recently, and the code-and-response owner it looks for doesnt exsist.

Will keep you updated

I don’t think the crawler has it picked up in about a year, might be our config files?

I just realized the name of the org has changed, was just able to succesfully upload

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