I’m trying to add my first library and not sure what is going wrong

The library I want to add is for the:
Arduino WiFi | Adafruit AirLift Shield - ESP32 WiFi Co-Processor

That web page mentions a library that can be downloaded using their link. I was under the impression that the PlatformIO Registry would typically have most libraries in it already. After doing searches in the Registry with various keywords, I can’t find a library that looks like the right one. I’m not sure if I simply don’t know how to do the search or if the library simply is not there and I need to manually install it.

The page you’ve posted has the download link https://github.com/adafruit/WiFiNINA/archive/master.zip which maps to the repo GitHub - adafruit/WiFiNINA: Arduino library for WiFiNINA.

Indeed, no such library is listed in the PlatformIO library. The “WiFiNINA” page maps to the original Arduino version of the library, not Adafruit’s.

In such a case you have to do as the docs say – add the direct download link of the library to the lib_deps expression. PlatformIO can use abitrary Arduino libraries if you provide the download link to it.

So your platformio.ini should just have

lib_deps = 

at the bottom.

Thanks for the help. That fixed my problem.