I have c couple of projects one builds littlefs OK the other not

So somewhere in my wanderings I found that I needed a program mklittlefs and needed to make additions to my platformio.ini file. I have two projects one is an esp32 project and the other is an esp8266 project. Both are similar in that I have an index.html file to place in a lttlefs. The ESP32 project works OK but when I build filesystem for the 8266 it takes 20+ seconds and builds a 4GB file which isn’t a usable file. Just to be sure I took the same index.html file from the working project and copied it to the non-working project. Here’s the relevant bits from the platformio.ini file.

board_build.filesystem = littlefs
extra_scripts = replace_fs.py

replace_fs.py looks like:

print("Replace MKSPIFFSTOOL with mklittlefs")
env.Replace (MKSPIFFSTOOL = "mklittlefs")

I apologize in advance if the code isn’t displayed correctly. I didn’t find a icon for code at the top of the editor window and google didn’t give me any dependable info, so I used a common markdown code delimiter of backticks. Also if there is a preview option I didn’t find it.

Anyway I am on a Linux box as you can tell from the contents of the py file.
The output looks like (edited)

PLATFORM: Espressif 8266 (4.2.1) > WeMos D1 mini Pro
HARDWARE: ESP8266 80MHz, 80KB RAM, 16MB Flash
 - framework-arduinoespressif8266 @ 3.30102.0 (3.1.2) 
 - tool-esptool @ 1.413.0 (4.13) 
 - tool-esptoolpy @ 1.30000.201119 (3.0.0) 
 - tool-mklittlefs @ 1.203.210628 (2.3) 
 - tool-mkspiffs @ 1.200.0 (2.0) 
 - toolchain-xtensa @ 2.100300.220621 (10.3.0)
LDF: Library Dependency Finder -> https://bit.ly/configure-pio-ldf
LDF Modes: Finder ~ chain, Compatibility ~ soft
Found 52 compatible libraries
Scanning dependencies...
Dependency Graph
|-- ESPAsyncTCP @ 1.2.2+sha.1547686
|-- NTPClient @ 3.2.1+sha.1aea292
|-- LittleFS @ 0.1.0
|-- ADS1X15 @ 0.3.12
|-- ESP8266HTTPClient @ 1.2
Building in release mode
Replace MKSPIFFSTOOL with mklittlefs
Building file system image from 'data' directory to .pio/build/d1_mini_pro/littlefs.bin
============================================ [SUCCESS] Took 23.93 seconds ============================================

I’ll add the results of the ESP32 project if needed, but it looks quite similar. It only took <3 seconds to write 1.5 MB whereas this took 24 seconds to write 4GB.
Of garbage I might add.