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I have an official RTOS SDK sample program of 8266. How can I import it into PIO

I downloaded the SDK based on RTOS on the official website. Now I want to import it into PIO for development and compilation. What should I do? Is there a relevant case

Due to outdated support of the ESP8266-RTOS-SDK, this is currently not possible with PlatformIO. See Outdated version of ESP8266 RTOS SDK · Issue #192 · platformio/platform-espressif8266 · GitHub.

Can you confirm my understanding of the present situation:

  1. I can develop using 1.5.0-beta.5 of the ESP8266 RTOS SDK
  2. Develop (not using PIO) following instructions at
    Is that correct?
    In other words, it is not possible to include the RTOS SDK by cloning the Github repo.

That is all correct.