I can not install the library (Adafruit NeoPixel) in ESP-IDF

I can not install the library (Adafruit NeoPixel) in ESP-IDF.

whenever I compile, it shows an error.
“can not find the library”

At first I use ATOM and now VS code.
I followed the tutorials offered by Platformio, and others that I found on the internet. but I still have no luck.

if someone can give me a hand. It would be a great help.

thank you.

Hi @diegocoll! As you can see, this library is designed for Arduino framework and you are trying to use it with ESP-IDF. In order to use this library with ESP-IDF you need to enable Arduino core as an ESP-IDF component. Here is an example with WiFi library.

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Hello @valeros…!! thank you for answering me.

I just tried the example you shared with me and it does not compile. it shows me the following error:

What are you trying to say is that I need to add the library “Arduino.h” so that other arduino-based libraries work?
My problem is that I can not add any type of library in ESP-IDF. I followed the steps indicated in this link


I try using the libraries globally and locally and I still can not compile.
I always get this message, with any library I try to install.

(Do not take into consideration the library that appears.)

Try to compile your project with the development version of the platform, just open your platformio.ini and modify platform field as follows:

platform = https://github.com/platformio/platform-espressif32.git

You are the best man…!!
Now compiles well…!!
I will try to use the NEOPIXEL library. Then I tell you how it was.
Thank you very much…!! :grinning:

Cool…!! It works very well…!!
I do not understand very well how it works. but the important thing is that it works. :grin:
Can you share information about it to understand how it works?

What is the function of the CONFIG_AUTOSTART_ARDUINO variable?
what value should it have? by default it is “1” in sdkconfig.h
(I tried putting “0” and it does not compile.)

Is the code correct?