Howto delete a file to the waste bin?

When I select a file and then hit DEL, the file should go to the waste bin. This is very desirable for me as it would allow to recover the file, should I have been a bit too quick in my delete actions.

However, no matter what file and where and how created, I always get the message “Failed to delete using the Trash. Do you want to permanently delete instead?” and can only delete permanently. Is that due to some setting/situation solely in vscode, or only/also in PlatformIO?

How can I activate the waste-bin-deletion option when using PIO in vscode?

I’ve also noticed that when I use the Windows explorer I can’t delete certain from e.g. pio/ as long as VSCode is open. PlatformIO seems to have a sort of lock on the files (or has the files open in the background), preventing them from being deleted normally. I think you should open a bug report in Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub about this with the exact reproduction procedure.

bug report: