How to work with bookmarks in editor

Before I PIO I used Notepadd++ and Arduino IDE. In NPP I loved to work with bookmarks.
How can I work with bookmarks in PIO or can I use Notepadd++ instead?

PlatformIO isn’t an IDE. So it doesn’t provide any code editors and doesn’t offer bookmarks. Instead it’s mainly a build system that integrates into different IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, Atom and CLion.

For bookmarks or a similar feature you should look at the documentation of whatever IDE you are using and possibly direct this question to the community of that IDE.

You might also get an answer here if you state what IDE you are using.


I work with VSCODE. How can apply the Notepad++ keymap extension?

Might be worth looking at File -> Preferences -> Keymaps and the Notepad++ keymap… :wink: