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How to view two serial monitors at the same time

I have 2 ESP32 boards connected to my pc. one on port 11, the other port 13.
my code loaded great, my boards are blinking great, I am writing to the serial port On, OFF and 2-ON, 2_OFF with every blink, . When I restart the serial port monitor it asks me which port to monitor, and each port works fine, My question is how can I see the outputs of both ports simultaneously?
Please forgive me if I have posted to the wrong section. I have searched for this answer but could not fine any. I am a 65 year old newbie at this :sweat_smile:

Best J

Can you open a new CLI and execute pio device monitor -p COM13 -b 115200 while the other serial monitor on COM11 (opened via the regular “Monitor” task) is opened?

Ok , I tried that and I got it to work, So now if I click the power plug icon I see one Serial monitor for port 11, and if I click PlatformIO icon on the side and click on misc>PlatformIO Core CLI I see the other monito for COM13, Bu I don’t seem to be able to split the screen to see them both. BTW thanks for the prompt response, much appreciated.

There’s a “split panel” button which would gives you 2 terminals side by side. So, try using the Monitor task first, then split the panel, then type in the monitor command on the new panel.


Ok I think I got it, after using the new CLI as maxgerhardt suggested I ended up with 2 monitor lines on the bottom right of the screen. I clicked on the split icon on one of them, and then moved the second line into that section. That created a third split screen, one with the port monitor I wanted, one with some text I don’t quite understand, and the third with the other port monitor I wanted. I just deleted the middle screen and now I have the two monitors side by side, thank you for your help

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