How to use PlatformIO/Atom for Python development

I want to use Atom as a Python IDE for generic Python development, but it has now been, as far as I can tell, ‘hijacked’ by PlatformIO. When I open a new project I have no choice but to create on for an embedded microcontroller and can’t choose to create a project in say Python.

I tried installing Atom thinking maybe this would appear as a separate install to PlatformIO but it just opens PlatformIO again.

How can I use Atom as my Python IDE now?



I am not following you.
PlatformIO is a an atom plugin specifically designed for embedded projects.

You can always use atom for generic code development too. Just ensure none of the custom and stock keybindings between any packages do not interfere.

Say, you have a folder which contains your python code.

Atom > File > Add Project Folder and add your project folder.

Install build-python, python linter, python autocomplete and any other addons you deem necessary.
Write your code. Select your active python file and press F7. Its as simple as that.

Hope this is what you are asking for. :slight_smile:

OK, that’s nice if you have an existing Python project that you want to import. But what about if you want to start a brand new Python project inside Atom?

You always add a project folder to atom, unlike a traditional IDE.
PlatformIO being the exception of course.

You can always File > Add Project Folder and create an empty folder on the fly I suppose…

@TheArduinoGuy: I have platformio IDE installed in my atom, and I have had no problems running any of my python projects, including the really cool Hydrogen package which I used run python remotely on my Raspberry Pi.

Admittedly a lot of the platformio toolbars, menus etc are slightly annoying when working with a non-platformio project, but I never found any significant conflict. You just have to remember not to click on any of the platformio-specific toolbars or menu items by accident, as they probably won’t do anything helpful to your python project.