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How to use ESP-IDF stable version


ESP.getSdkVersion() is reporting v3.3-beta1-179-ge931fe9f5-dirty

with the following setting

platform = espressif32
framework = arduino
board = esp32dev

Is it ok? How can I move to stable version 3.1.3?



First of all, I’m confused… AFAIK arduino framework != ESP-IDF? But if you have the current version of the espressif32 platformio platform files (v1.7.0), then per this announcement, you have access to v3.1.3 of the ESP-IDF… or if using the arduino framework, whatever ESP-IDF version it is using…


Yes this OK, since according to the latest Arduino core is 1.0.1 and in their release notes, they state which Update IDF to e931fe9 corresponds to ESP-IDF at the state So it’s OK that you have a “v3.3-beta” version, this is what the released Arduino core uses.

If you want to use ESP-IDF, state framework = espidf and make sure to update your platforms (pio platform update), this will give you a ESP-IDF 3.1.3 environment.