How to upload firmware to attiny85 using Arduino as ISP

Hello. Need some help. I select Arduino as ISP as programmer and Attiny 85 as destination device. When i try to upload firmware with “platformio run -t program” comand platformio says:

Linking .pioenvs\attiny85\firmware.elf
Checking size .pioenvs\attiny85\firmware.elf
Memory Usage → Redirecting...
DATA: [== ] 20.5% (used 105 bytes from 512 bytes)
PROGRAM: [======== ] 82.7% (used 6772 bytes from 8192 bytes)
Configuring upload protocol…
AVAILABLE: usbtiny
CURRENT: upload_protocol = usbtiny
Looking for upload port…
Programming .pioenvs\attiny85\firmware.hex
avrdude: Error: Could not find USBtiny device (0x1781/0xc9f)

avrdude done. Thank you.

Seems like platformio is unable to detect my Attiny85. What should i do to upload firmware properly?
Using Arduino IDE for that is ok. Using platformio is about an error.

nope; open your platformio.ini and put

upload_protocol = stk500v1
; each flag in a new line
upload_flags =

; edit these lines
upload_port = SERIAL_PORT_HERE
upload_speed = 19200

see Atmel AVR — PlatformIO latest documentation section “Arduino as ISP”