How to upload anything without making a new project?

Good day! I found this post which was created back in 2017, but now it’s 2019, so was the feature added? If it is, please tell me where to find this.

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As you can see, I ain’t english. If you are a native english or just know english very good, please tell me about every mistake you noticed in the message. I mean about grammar, punctuation and lexical mistakes. Thanks again!

Without taking a look at the promise you refered to… in the PIO IDE you can open examples while PIO generates the project around it automatically, you can then upload and are ready to go (technically maybe 3 clicks :P). As this means you don’t have to manually create a new project and add the example code, this could be the feature he was referring to.

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You can use PlatformIO Core $ platformio ci as a shortcut.

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