How to update ESP32 Bluetooth header index

I’m trying to build a bluetooth application using ESP32 and ESP-IDF framework.
I manage to update the sdkconfig file using menuconfig by add bluetooth component.

but i like to check the function definition and get access to the bluetooth header and i can’t find the reference of all bluetooth headers. like '#include “esp_bt.h” ’ shows this message: "cannot open source file “esp_bt.h” ", i think this require index update but i can’t figure out how to do that. can anyone tell me how i can be able to access those header and be able to inspect API function (like function name auto complite and show function parameters)

the example i’m using is “esp-idf/examples/bluetooth/bluedroid/ble/ble_spp_server/main at master · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub

thank you.

To answer my question in case someone need help,
go to PlatformIO extension in VScode under “project tasks” → <project_name> ->Miscellaneous-> Rebuild IntelliSense Index
do this after changing the SDKconfig using menuconfig cmd (run menuconfig)