How to uninstall platformio CLI

Hi, I have installed platformio CLI using the script. However this has made my zephyr install unusable. What is the way to remove platformio CLI when it was installed using the script ? I couldn’t find any reference to this in the manual.

Hi @laczen,

on Windows it will require you to remove the folder, C:\user\YOUR_USER\.platformio. On linux it will be /home/YOUR_USER/.platformio.

If you installed PlatformIO IDE into VSCode (or Atom), then just delete the extension in the usual manner. On VSCode this will be clikcing the uninstall button when looking at installed extensions on the left.



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Hi @normandunbar, the folder removal did what was needed, thanks.

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I’ve never heard of such a situation. PlatformIO uses its own Zephyr installation under C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\framework-zephyr-* and doesn’t touch any other installation in the system. Do you have more details on that to see what happened there and it if it’s a fault in PlatformIO?

@maxgerhardt, I’m not using zephyr under platformio. What happened after the install using is that when calling west to compile something under zephyr it would give me an error that west was not installed.

@ivankravets can that be possible? o_o

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It could be an issue with your system PATH. Please check it.

@ivankravets, my problem is solved, I have been able to remove it. It probably was a path problem, zephyr was installed before pio. After pio installation it seemed to call python from within .platformio. I don’t know if this is wrong or not.

It’s not our fault. We don’t install PlatformIO Core globally to the system. Please contact Zephyr developers and report this issue.

We install PlatformIO Core into the isolated virtual environment which does not make problems for users and does not conflict with other software.

@ivankravets, are you sure about this? I never needed to activate the isolated virtual environment, it was just required to add a path variable.

If you mean PlatformIO Core’s virtual environment, our IDE extensions do this automatically for you. If you use CLI our side IDE, you will need to extend your PATH or manually activate the virtual environment. But! It is not recommended for generic users.