How to to upgrade to PlatformIO Core 6

I cannot compile all my ESP32s and ESP8266s on my computer and also with ESPHome. I got a meassge that tells me “upgrade PlatformIO Core 6”. I need help to realize the upgrade… Thanks in advance

What happens when you go


pio upgrade

Thanks for your reactivity.
I typed : pip install -U platformio
and I got this message :

What should I try now ?

"Requirement already satifisied: 6.1.10 means you already have the 6.1.10 core.

You can type

pio system info

in the PlatformIO CLI to confirm this.

Now it is upgraded, but I have other message

The line from import helpers,command is not up-to-date anymore.

Please try and update esphome to the absolute latest:

pip uninstall esphome
pip install ""

SUPER it works now ; I just have compiled and flashed one of my ESP8266s :slight_smile:
THANKS a lot and have a nice day !

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