How to submit an update to tool-* packages


I own a NuMaker-PFM-M2351 (Nuvoton M2351 series) development board and I’ve been working on adding a platform/board setup for it.

I now have things compiling (:yay:! Thanks to ststm32 that already had a cmsis framework that acted as a great reference), but uploading/debugging is my next pitstop.

Unfortunately the interface is relatively new to openocd, introduced in 2020-08

This is past the last platformio/tool-openocd update:

travisby@penguin:~$ cat ~/.platformio/packages/tool-openocd/ 
# The xPack OpenOCD

This is the **xPack** version of **OpenOCD** (formerly part of the
GNU MCU Eclipse project).

For details, see
[The xPack OpenOCD]( pages.

## Compliance

The xPack OpenOCD generally follows the official
[OpenOCD]( releases.

The current version is based on:

- OpenOCD version 0.10.0, the development commit
from June 23, 2020.

This still actually tracks the latest version of xpack-openocd which I’ll work on getting upgraded – but when that happens, how do I suggest/make a PR against platformio/openocd? I haven’t found where any of the repos are for platformio besides the platforms.

Or how do I create my own tools? I know there’s the package command and some guides on how to use it, but the *.piom file seems surprisingly / I haven’t found documentation on it. And where / how I should handle all of the different build targets doesn’t seem mentioned as far as I can tell.