How to set default platformio.ini file


Is there a way to add something like monitor_speed = 9600 automatically after generating a new PlatformIO project?

I am a newcomer to Arduino and this is my first post so sorry if this is a silly question.

Yes, see Redirecting...


Wow, thanks a lot! Is there any way to get PlatformIO IDE to do this automatically when I create a new project with it?

This is a default speed. You don’t need to add it again into the project.

Sorry, currently there is no option for this case.

Sorry, currently there is no option for this case.

Oh, well. Thanks for the clarification!

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Hi there! sorry to refloat an year old one but has there been any advance on this?

It would be great to have a bunch of settings defaulted for each new project.
Event better would be to have a drop-down/file-select when creating the project to accommodate different repeatable project scenarios (say multiple ESP32 projects have one bunch of settings defaulted, another group for nRF52, etc, etc)

Thanks in advance.

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This sucks. Please add an option to customise the ini file for specific board type. I have wasted tens of minutes of time today, because my board needs some changes in the ini file to make uploading work, which I did in my previous project, but forgot to do the same thing in a new project. If I could have just modified the ini file for that board type, that changes would have been made automatically for the new project, and I would not have wasted time checking wrong things like the cables, the port, the computer, etc.