How to select the pre 5.0 stable ESPIDF framework?

It seems that the espidf was upgraded to 5.0 (thanks) and I am getting new build errors. How do I specify the previous stable version in my platformio until I will figure out how to build with 5.0?

Ok, I think I found it.

platform = espressif32@5.3.0

Is it right?

ESP-IDF 5.0 was added in Release 6.0.0 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub

The valid is

platform = espressif32@^6.0

Thanks @ivankravets, my question was how to use the previous stable version, before 6.0, since platform = espressif32, seems to give me version 6.0.

You are right, sorry that I didn’t understand you correctly. You can use espressif32@5.3.0 or espressif32@^5.